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Media Helpline-MoIB is a dedicated online platform exclusively developed for local & international journalists and media persons to cover the General Election of Pakistan 2024.

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Explore the capabilities of our Media helpline through these essential features:

Easy Profile Registration.
Streamlined and user-friendly registration process for hassle-free onboarding.
Complaint Registration.
Easily register complaints with our user-friendly system, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for voicing your concerns.
Complaint Tracking.
Effortlessly report and track the progress of your complaints throughout the coverage.
Attachment & File Upload.
Easily attach files, documents, or relevant media to provide additional context to your complaints.
Mail Notifications.
Receive timely email notifications to stay informed about the status of your complaints.
Secure & Private.
Your data is SSL encrypted in communication and handled with great care.
Quaid e Azam

Remember, now it is in your hand to put the government in power or remove the government from power; but you must not do it by mob method. You have the power, you must learn the art of using it; you must try and understand the machinery.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Founder of Pakistan
Speech at a Public Meeting, Dhaka - 21st March 1948

Frequently asked questions

The Media Complaints Tracking System is exclusively designed for use by national and international journalists covering Pakistan's 2024 General Election.

Journalists can report a range of issues encountered during their coverage, including but not limited to visa delays, accreditation hurdles, safety concerns, and network disruptions.

The platform streamlines the reporting and resolution of issues, providing an effortless way for journalists to submit their concerns and allowing them to track the progress at every step.

No, the Media Complaints Tracking System is exclusively for media persons. Other users are encouraged to register their complaints directly with the Election Commission of Pakistan.

No, the use of the platform is free for registered media persons covering the 2024 General Election in Pakistan.

Media Helpline